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Selecting your tattoo artist is very important. Tattoos are permanent, after all. Flipshades will be sure you get the design you are looking for with his personalized approach to tattooing, and his unique style.

Flipshades is very talented in all styles, and also has a unique style with Patchwork, Sticker, 3D, and Psychedelic Tattoos.



Every tattoo is different, so prices range greatly depending on size, placement, design, detail, how filled it is, and more. I have a flat rate for a full day ($1800) or a half day ($1000) booking, and my minimum rate is $500 for smaller sessions.

Ask me about discounts for clients flying in for their session!



I love a fun or weird tattoo. I love unique styles and stand out pieces.

I'm always excited to take your idea and put it into a sticker, or a patchwork tattoo style. psychedelics are always fun.

I can do lots of styles but I am most frequently seen doing neo-traditional, new school, illustrative, surrealism or realism, blackwork and japanese style tattoos.


    Please describe in 300 or less characters what you would like to get tattooed?

    What part of the body will the tattoo be placed?

    Is it around other tattoos or open area ?

    Upload any reference materials you have. 3 photos max

    Is this your first tattoo?

    What location would you like to get tattooed at?

    Why did you not go back to your previous artist ?

    What style of art your looking for?

    What is your budget for this new artwork ?

    AVERAGE rates for flipshades

    Full day $1800

    1/2 day $1000

    Thanks for all that info ... if there is anything else you think I would need to know write it in here